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Airport transfer

For a comfortable arrival and departure from or to the airport you just have to contact us. We guarantee you a comfortable and on-time arrival and departure for getting your flight. We check the departure time of your flight and know already if your flight is delayed and to which terminal we have to drive you. Our employees await you at the front of your door and will help you with your luggage.


You can claim our Cab-Service with an appointment.

Hotel Shuttle Service

Let us pick you up at your arrival airport and carry you to your hotel – and after your journey back to the airport. And this for a fixed price, equal if accumulation or delay of your flight.

Courier/Pick-up service

We take your Courier movements until a maximum weight of 500 kg (1102 lbs).

Business travel

We pick you up from your hotel or your home and transport you to your desired destination: Europe-wide and if you want to, we wait for you and collect you again. You don’t need a rental or a hire car which you have to return and refuel. Parking, gasoline and servicing – that will cost a lot of money and if you drive with us, you don’t have to pay this things! Our advantage for you: no contribution in case of damage and no surcharge for you in case of a speed trap. Book – Board – Relax!


Chauffeur-Service with fair prices for business folk and private affairs. With comfort, safe and authentic to your destination.

Soft drink inclusive

During the journey with Fahrdienst-Ulm we serve soft drinks
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